Choose Abercrombie & Fitch - Catch the Fashion 

Many of my classmates are fond of buying clothes and handbags of a&f. At first, I could not understand why they were so crazy about it until I recently knew about it and soon I fell in love with it.

During a holiday, I went shopping with my friend, Linda. She is a girl who always follows the latest trend. Of course we went into the most fashionable shopping mall to find whether there was something special. She said that she wanted a new handbag with more than two pockets and with bright color to draw people's attention.

We went round and round, without buying anything, for she was particular about all the handbags. At the time we decided to give up, we saw some young girls coming toward us. They were energetic, young and lively. The most important thing was that what they carried in arms was the very bag my friend dreamt of.

Linda could not wait to ask them where they bought the handbag. They looked at us with a strange smile, as if we were deviant. But still, they told us that those bags were bought from abercrombie fitch Deutschland, the most famous brand among young students in America. Then, we took a chance to the Abercrombie Deutschland store. There are a lot of handbags of various bright colors and different styles. I could not divert my eyes. They left so strong an impression on me that I could not hold myself to have a try.

After that, I looked into the mirror, seeing a girl with a bright blue handbag around her shoulder, smiling, full of energy and very beautiful. It could not be me! I had never imagined that I could be such pretty and lively one day. I was too surprised to say any word, neither did my friend Linda. It was not until that time did we realize the charm of a&f.

Eventually, we bought the handbag we desired and went back directly to the campus. It is Abercrombie that made our outdoor activity colorful and meaningful.

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