Top 5 Must Read Funny Joke Books 

Stupid Jokes

It isn’t easy to live or work in an environment that literally sucks the life out of you. Laughing is just the thing that anyone needs to loosen up when they’re in this situation. Laugher may be experienced by getting together with friends and family; watching funny films, or reading amusing stories. Books filled with jokes can be an immediate solution whenever you find yourself in need of a few laughs very quickly.

You Have to Read These 5 Funniest Books

If you really need the best laughs available, then here are five of the funniest joke books that you could ever get your hands on:

1. Stupid Jokes, Short Funny Jokes and Funny One Liners

This is a book that you need if you want to have situational jokes. The jokes relayed here are those that readers could easily relate to. The author stresses that each joke should be delivered with perfect timing to make the most out of them. When a person can make other people laugh, surely they will have more friends.

2. Halloween Corny Jokes and Humor

Halloween is supposed to be an occasion filled with scary stuff. But this book changes everything about Halloween. The jokes are very short and direct to the point. They do not involve reading an entire paragraph before the punch line is delivered. If you want simplicity in humor, this is the book for you.

3. Funny Jokes for all Occasions

Jokes that are categorized to fit every level of humor are in this book. Surely you will find one that will tickle your funny bone. Some of the categories are:

a. Men, Women and Other Aliens b. Blonde Jokes c. Chuck Norris-the Greatest Human Being-Ever

4. 4000 decent very funny jokes

If you want modern and decent humor, then this is the book for you. They are also categorized so that you will be able to find those that really trigger that hearty laugh:

a. Animal jokes b. Doctor jokes c. Lawyer jokes d. Adult jokes e. Men jokes

5. 777 Great Clean Jokes

Humor even makes its way in the realm of religion. This is a book about church jokes that are clean and would be perfect ice breakers for church activities, preparing sermons, preparing speeches, or just personal reading.

There may be times when you would think that it’s an old fashioned way of entertainment to read joke books. Even if it may seem so, these books never go out of season. They continue to fill every library with the goal of spreading laughter through the carefully written wit and humor of the talented writers behind them.

Jokes for all Occasions

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