Homes in Foreclosure Should Be Closely Inspected Before Purchasing 

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You will find outstanding offers offered for persons either seeking investment property or to purchase their first house. In Milwaukee County, a lot more than 400 residences are at the moment in foreclosure and selling as substantially 30 to 50 percent beneath market place worth.

But, purchasers beware. Some of these properties may possibly have already been vacant for pretty some time. The preceding owner could have left on undesirable terms and vandalized the house though the harm will not be visible. What can not be seen, can turn a person's dream house into a money pit, especially on the subject of plumbing.

Tim Irvine, a service manager at Zien Mechanical, says the first thing he would do when buying a foreclosed home is usually to be sure the primary drain is open. Take a garden hose and run water inside the primary drain for a minimum of 15 minutes to generate certain the drain is clear and you can find no broken pipes outside.

Within the basement, inspect the ceiling and every single joist for water stains. A water stain constantly tells the truth and is usually a telltale sign of a water problem. Staining or mold on basement walls or the legs of any furniture are also clues to earlier water harm. Examine just about every corner with the basement and where the wall meets the floor for just about any staining. If anything is up on blocks or bricks, it is almost certainly since there has been water inside the basement. Irvine also says in the event the basement floor has been freshly painted, proceed with caution.

Finally, check each and every bathroom, kitchen and basement fixture, and appear under the sinks for mushy wood, moisture or mold stains. Water seepage and clogged drains are the largest plumbing issues when thinking of the obtain of an older or foreclosed house. Usually do not proceed with any purchase agreement without realizing the reason for the issue. Irvine recommends a video inspection in the key drain. Most licensed plumbers either personal or have access to a video camera. The video inspection expenses around $400, but could protect the homeowner against a $5,000 issue.

Nancy Wilkes represents the Qualified Plumbers & Contractors (PPC), an organization representing union plumbers and contractors in Milwaukee, Wis. Her articles and videos help homeowners with tips to handle easy plumbing problems and solutions, including "green" plumbing, to keep plumbing systems properly maintained and even improved.

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